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Issue: I signed up hours ago & have not received my validation email. I have had it resent to my email 3 times and still have not received it. Why?
Response: Make sure you are using a reliable email provider, like On the signup page we list a bunch of email providers which block many emails from reaching you and they are not reliable for online marketers. Use
You can send us your current email and your gmail account and we will change it and resend the validation email.

Issue: I am clicking the PTC Links every day, but they do not reset. I am only able to click on each link once. Why?
Response: Each PTC is limited to one view per week. The advertiser is offered UNIQUE page views but we do also want them to get all the views they have paid for so we do reset them every week if they still have clicks available. New ads are added daily and the same advertiser could add a new link weekly and you will be able to click on those new links. Remember you can tell which links are paying by the icon beside each link - see legend in the PTC area.